10 Fun Date Ideas

Even after having been in a relationship for a while, I still get excited about going on dates together. I know that thinking of unique ideas for things to do together, whether it be your first date or your twentieth, can sometimes be a bit tricky. So here are some of the things that I think would be fun to do for a date:

1. Go for a picnic 

Now that we're finally into summer, a picnic would be the perfect way to spend a sunny day! You can spend the day together lying on a nice big blanket and eating a delicious spread of your favourite food and drinks. Of course, this doesn't have to be just the two of you. You could go with a group of friends, which might make you feel more at ease if you and your partner are still getting to know each other.

2. Go for breakfast

This is a bit different than just going for dinner. It's a lot more casual, and can also be a lot cheaper if you're on a bit of budget. I absolutely love going out for breakfast!

3. Explore somewhere new

I think this would be a really fun way to spend the entire day together. Is there somewhere you've always wanted to visit? Or why not just jump on a train and see where it takes you? You could go together and spend the day wandering around and exploring. You never know what you might find, and in a few years time, you can go back for a visit and remember what a nice time you had.

4. Go to your favourite bar/restaurant 

Do you know a bar that does really good cocktails? You could introduce your partner to some of your favourite places to eat or drink, and it will also help them get to know a little bit more about some of the things that you like. Going for a drink is also a good way to ease any first date nerves, however, I obviously don't recommend getting completely drunk if this is your first time meeting someone...

5. Go to the theatre

This one is a little bit different to the typical "dinner and a movie" date. A theatre show would be a good idea for a first or second date if you're still getting to know each other and you get a little bit nervous trying to make conversation. I would recommend seeing something lighthearted, like a musical or a comedy, but it would also give you plenty to talk about after the show.

6. Go to the zoo or aquarium

I would love to go on a date to the zoo! It would be so much fun wandering around, looking at all of the animals. A fun date like this would also give you lots to talk about if you're still getting to know each other.

7. Go to a concert

If you have any mutual interests in a particular band or type of music, it could be fun to go and see them in concert together. The feeling you get at a gig or concert when your favourite artist comes on stage is unlike any other, so it would be really special to share that moment together. 

8. Stargazing

You could go for a walk or climb a hill, and then once you get to the top, you can wait for the sun to set and watch the stars as they light up the sky! How romantic is that?

9. Go to the beach

If it's a nice sunny day, why not pack up your things and head to the beach for the day? You could go for ice cream, wander along the sea front, or even go for fish and chips! If only it was sunnier more often in Scotland, then I would absolutely love to do this.

10. Have your own movie night

If you're on a bit of tighter budget, or you just fancy a cosy night in together, then this is the one for you! You could put on your favourite film, grab some tasty snacks and cuddle under a blanket. This one can be as romantic as you please, but it can also be super chilled if you just want to relax and spend some together.

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