Primark Room Decor

Last week, my mum and I took a well overdue trip to Primark. Whilst browsing the home section, I completely fell in love with some of their new bedding sets and decided that I desperately needed to update my bedroom. Primark has so many lovely pieces in store at the moment, and it took a lot of restraint to stop me going overboard and buying a whole array of rainbow coloured candles. As a student, I don't really have a lot of money to play with, but I managed to get quite a lot for my money. I'd definitely recommend having a look if you're on a budget. I'm really happy with the pieces that I bought, so I thought I'd upload some pictures and prices. 

Fairy Lights - £6

Stag Ring Holder - £6
Pink Jar Candle - £3.50
Small Candle - £2.50

Duvet cover - £11
Matching Cushion - £6
Flower Pillows - £3 each

Pink Throw - £7.80 (on offer)

Reed Diffuser - £1

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