50 Things That Make Me Happy

In today's society, it seems common for people to focus on the negatives in life. Although I am guilty of doing this myself, I feel like we should be focusing more on what makes us happy and what we enjoy about life. As the cliché saying goes, "You Only Live Once", so we need to start living life to the fullest and appreciating all that we have. Whilst reading Thirteen Thoughts' blog, I stumbled across the "50 Things that make me happy" tag and wanted to give it a go. I hope you enjoy reading my 50 things, and that it maybe inspires you to also take a step back every now and then, and just take a moment to appreciate all the good things in life.

1. My family. Especially my mum as she is also my best friend.
2. My boyfriend. He has helped me become the person that I am today, and I am so grateful that he is a huge part of my life. He has the biggest heart of anyone that I've ever met. Every time that he looks at me, I wonder how I ever got so lucky. I love him with all of my heart.
3. Puppies. I don't have one (yet), but every time I see one, I get the overwhelming urge to want to play with it.
4. Travelling
5. Crisps (I think I might be addicted...)
6. Going to the cinema
7. Having a tidy bedroom
8. Sunny weather 
9. New makeup
10. Having an early night
11. Sunbathing on holiday
12. Driving 
13. Summer
14. Spending some time alone
15. The feeling of satisfaction when an assignment is finished
16. Seeing the squirrels running around campus
17. My laptop
18. Green tea (especially with honey)
19. Pay day
20. My Grandma and Grandad. Remembering the things we used to do together when I was younger always brings a smile to my face. I miss my Grandma more and more everyday.
21. Christmas
22. Ben and Jerry's "Phish Food" ice cream
23. Nachos at the cinema 
24. Long summer evenings spent with family and friends
25. Laughing uncontrollably
26. Walking along the beach as the sunsets
27. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
28. Jewellery - I blame this on working in a jewellers
29. Lush bath bombs
30. Looking back at old photos
31. Knowing that I've done something to make other people happy
32. Cosy nights in just cuddling and watching films with my boyfriend
33. Rom-coms
34. Catching up with friends
35. Getting my nails done
36. The smell of my mum's fresh laundry
37. My phone
38. Nights at home with my family
39. Visiting new places
40. Airports 
41. Reading a really good book on holiday
42. Going out for dinner
43. My pandora bracelet that my boyfriend bought me for my 18th birthday
44. Berkley (a stuffed dog toy also bought for me by my boyfriend).
45. City breaks
46. Buying new perfume
47. Finding the perfect gift for someone's birthday
48. Skinny vanilla latté's from Starbucks (Costa's aren't as good unfortunately)
49. Getting hooked on a really good TV series
50. My blog

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