Booking my First Summer Holiday

I wasn't too sure what to write about for my next post, but I thought I'd make it a little personal and write about something quite exciting that is happening for me.

Back in January, my boyfriend and I booked our first 'proper' holiday together, and on Thursday, we finally paid it all off! We're going to Tenerife for a week at the start of June and I honestly cannot wait. It'll be a great way to celebrate the end of my first year at university and finally have some time to ourselves to completely relax. We've never had a whole week alone together, so it'll be nice to spend some quality time with each other after being apart during semester time. I can't wait to just lie around the pool, chill at the beach, and have cocktails whenever I like! We also celebrate my boyfriend's 20th birthday whilst we're away, so that makes it even more special.

I feel like booking your first summer holiday away without your parents is quite a big deal. Or it is to me anyway. Whilst paying off the final instalment for our holiday, it hit me just how big a deal this is! Not only the fact that I'd just paid £500 for a holiday, but also because I'd saved up for it and paid for it all myself. To me, that is quite a big achievement and I'm pretty proud of myself. I feel like booking a holiday is quite an adult thing to do. But I guess that's what I am now; an 'Adult'!

I know that this post was a little different, but I like to document certain aspects of my life on here, and I guess this was just one of those times.

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