Review // Sleek I-Divine Palettes

I would say that I own a fair amount of eyeshadow palettes, from high end ones to drugstore alternatives. But a couple of weeks ago, whilst browsing the sales in Boots, I thought I'd give some of the Sleek eyeshadow palettes a try. I've heard lots of good things about them, and I owned one a few years ago that I remember really liking. They also had a wide variety of palettes and colours to choose from. I ended up leaving the store with four of them, some of which I love and some I regret buying.

All four of the palettes that I bought are part of Sleek's 'I-Divine' range, all of which contain a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows. I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented they are for a drugstore palette. The brighter colours definitely have a better colour pay off though, as I find with some of the paler shades, especially the matte ones, that they take a lot of building up to get them to show up true to colour on the eyelid. The packaging is also pretty good for the money. It's fairly compact and comes with a big mirror which is great for travelling.

Vintage Romance Palette

Overall, I'd say that this one is probably my favourite palette. It has a variety of warm and cool toned shades, making it a great palette to transition your look from day to night. I don't usually wear much colour on my eyes, but this palette is so pretty to look at that I just had to give it a try. The shadows are really easy to blend, and when used with a primer, they usually last around eight hours on the eyes. My favourite shades in this palette are 'Meet in Madrid', a subdued gold colour with yellow undertones and a really pretty shimmer throughout it, and 'Honeymoon in Hollywood', a cool toned, berry colour with small specks of silver shimmer.

(Colours from L-R; Pretty in Paris, Meet in Madrid, Court in Cannes, Lust in LA, Romance in Rome, Propose in Prague, A Vow in Venice, Marry in Monte Carlo, Honeymoon in Hollywood, Bliss in Barcelona, Forever in Florence, Love in London)

Au Naturel Palette

If I'm being completely honest, I'd have to say that I regret buying this one. The colours are pretty generic and aren't really anything special, especially when I own so many other 'natural' style palettes. The matte shades in this palette were really chalky and not very pigmented at all. They took a lot of build up to even get them to show up on the lid, and I found them really tough to blend. A primer is definitely necessary with this palette, as the colours all tend to blend into one after a couple of hours wear.

(Colours from L-R; Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast, Taupe, Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir)

Sunset Palette

I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I bought this palette. I never wear bright eyeshadows and tend to stick with neutral eye looks. But I absolutely love this palette! When it first arrived I had no idea what to do with it, but after watching various YouTube tutorials and looking on Pinterest for ideas, I was really excited to use it. A lot of the colours have more golden and orange undertones, making them slightly easier to incorporate into your everyday look if you want to change it up a little. However, the blue colour reminds me of that awkward phase we all went through where we thought wearing blue eyeshadow was 'cool', so I haven't gotten much use out of that one. My favourite shades are Solstice, which is a warm coppery colour, and Horizon, which is an orange-toned red. All the shades in this palette have excellent pigmentation, and I didn't find any of them tough to use like I have with some of the other palettes.

(Colours from L-R; Nightfall, Horizon, Solstice, Afterglow, Sunrise, Skyline, Dusk, Eve, Dawn, Golden Hour, Starry, Serene)

All Night Long Palette

This is a fairly neutral palette with two matte shades and 10 shimmers. This palette was released alongside the much more natural, daytime version; "A New Day". Although it is intended for evening wear, what with slightly darker and metallic looking shades, I would say that it's definitely easy to wear both during the day and at night. All 12 shades have really good colour pay off and are easy to blend on the lid. They also last a really long time when used with a primer. I think my favourite thing about this palette, though, is that all the shades are named after cocktails and drinks. This goes really well with theme of the palette. My favourite shades are Cosmopolitan, which has a rose gold tint to it with silver shimmer, and Manhattan, a metallic copper colour which looks stunning on the lid.

(Colours from L-R; Bellini, Negroni, Martini, Prosecco, Kir Royale, Mimosa, Champagne, Spritz, Mai Tai, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri, Manhattan)

Have you tried any Sleek eyeshadow palettes before? What are some of your favourites?


  1. All night Long palette looks super cute!! I think I need it in my life xox

    1. It's such a nice palette! You should definitely give it a try! X