A Week In Tenerife

Last week, Jordan and I set off on our first summer holiday together as a couple. We'd been looking forward to this holiday since January, so it's crazy to think that it's already over. But we both had the best week and I'm already looking forward to our upcoming trips over the next couple of months. We spent an amazing week in Los Cristianos in Tenerife, from the 31st May to the 7th June. We left from Glasgow International Airport and arrived in Tenerife later that day. We stayed at the Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel, and it was everything we could've asked for. We even upgraded our room so that we had a view of the pool and the sea. We were All Inclusive too, which made our holiday so much easier as we could spend our money on activities instead of on food.

We spent our first morning exploring the hotel. We discovered that the hotel had five pools, but the rooftop pool had the most amazing views. This is where we spent our next few mornings as it was the best place to catch the sun early in the morning. It was also an adults only pool, so it had a really relaxing atmosphere around it.

Jordan really wanted to try the Hard Rock Cafe as he's never been to one before and he really likes that style of music, so that's where we spent his birthday evening. It was a lovely meal and we both really enjoyed it. I've been to quite a few Hard Rock Cafe's before, and although I loved the meal at the one in Tenerife, I definitely think there are ones with a better atmosphere in other places.

Our hotel had a beautiful spa on the first floor that we were really eager to try. It was only 10€ to use the spa circuit, which consisted of a sauna, jacuzzi, plunge pool, Roman bath and various showers. We were able to use it for as long as we wanted, and I was majorly proud of myself for getting in the plunge pool. I didn't take my phone to the spa with me, so I unfortunately didn't manage to get any pictures of it.

The following evening we took a trip into Las Americas. It's known as the more lively part of Tenerife, with plenty of bars and restaurants, and is home to Tenerife's famous 'Veronica's Strip'. Jordan really wanted to visit the strip to see what it was like, as neither of us have been on your typical party holiday before. It wasn't a particularly big strip, but it was a good experience none the less. It made me realise that I definitely wouldn't enjoy a holiday like Magaluf or Zante though. The PR's started to get really annoying after a while, and I'm really not a big drinker anyway, so I didn't feel very comfortable. The only good thing was how cheap the drinks were.

On the Sunday we went back into Las Americas to explore the different beaches and have a wander around some of the shops. We found a really beautiful beach surrounded by some rocks, so we stopped to take some pictures. It was really hot that day, so afterwards we decided to go and play mini golf. I used to do this all the time as a kid when I went on holiday with my parents, so it brought back good memories. We had so much fun acting like big kids, and it was surrounded by some really pretty flowers and a water fall. But to top off the day, I also won the game!

By far, my favourite day of the entire holiday was when we went to Siam Park. I'd never been before, but it was the definitely the best water park I've ever been too. Our hotel offered a free shuttle bus service to the park, so it was really easy getting there and back and saved us a bit of money. The park itself had a sort of Thai theme going on and was actually really beautiful. We had the best day going on all of the slides, and I was really proud of myself for going on them all. The only one I wouldn't do was the Tower of Power as it had a vertical drop which scared me to even look at. I think my favourite slide was Singha, the new one for this year, as it was ridiculously fast and was unlike any slide I've ever been on. This was Jordan's favourite too. As we were leaving, there was some sort of Sea Lion show going on. We didn't stop to watch it, but I did take a few pictures. Thankfully the park wasn't busy at all, so we were able to do all the rides at least once, and we went on our favourites twice. I 100% recommend going to Siam Park if you're going to Tenerife anytime soon. It's been voted the best water park in Europe, and the second best water park in the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed our holiday to Tenerife and I'm so gutted to be home already. Spending an entire week alone with Jordan was perfect, and I really enjoyed just being able to do our own thing. We made sure we were kept busy, so none of our days were boring at all. I'm so eager to go on holiday again next year that I've already started thinking about where we could go. I absolutely loved it in Tenerife, and I think it was definitely the best place to go for our first holiday together. I'll certainly never forget it.


  1. Me and my boyfriend went to Tenerife at this time last year! We went to Siam Park too and absolutely loved it. It made such an amazing day, despite getting more than a little sunburnt. The only ride I didn't go on was the vertical drop too, ad I loved the imitation beach.

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. It was definitely the perfect time of year to go as the park wasn't too busy at all! Even just watching other people go down the vertical drop made me feel sick haha. I loved the imitation pool too, especially the waves as I'm a total kid at heart! Thank you for reading! :-)

  2. I'm planning on going on holiday with my boyfriend this summer! We were thinking of going to Tenerife too! Lovely blog post xx

    Claire x grab-your-camera

    1. Aw thank you! Tenerife was lovely, I'd definitely recommend it! We noticed loads of young couples there actually! x