Lush Livingston's Blogger Event

Last night, I attended the exclusive bloggers only event at the Lush store in Livingston. I've been shopping in that store for years, so it was really interesting to go back after hours and learn all about the company and the products. The theme of the night was "fresh matters," so we were taught about how important the use of fresh produce and ingredients is to Lush when making all of their products. We also got to learn a bit more about their "naked" range, which meant all of their products with no packing.

Upon arrival at the store, myself and six other bloggers were greeted by the lovely ladies that work at Lush and were handed a drink. They then told us the plan for the night and we were split up into small groups and sent to different stations. The first stop for my group was the spa station. The lovely Fiona talked us through one of the treatments that the Lush spa has to offer, and she made it sound like a total dream. The treatment was called "The Comforter?" and we were treated to a hand and arm massage, giving us a little taster of what the treatment would be like. "The Comforter" is a full body treatment lasting 60 minutes and is priced at about £85, but from the little taster that I had of it, I definitely think it's worth the price. I think I might have to add it to my birthday wish list.

This is the invitation for the "The Comforter?" spa treatment.

 Fiona added the liquid to the candy-floss and it created
the sweetest tasting drink I've ever had. Definitely a sure
 fire way to get a sugar rush.
We then moved on to learn about Lush's "naked" range of products. These are all products that come with no packaging, such as their solid shampoo and massage bars. Last year, by selling their "naked" range of products, Lush stopped a whopping 16 million plastic bottles from being thrown into waste. How amazing is that? We were taught about their solid shampoo and conditioners, which can last up to 80 uses. Both products come in a solid form and require no packaging at all. They would be perfect for travelling if you need to bring down your luggage weight! I've tried one of their shampoo bars before, and I really liked it, so I was interested to find out they now have conditioners in the solid form too.

Here are some of the solid shampoo bars that Lush have to offer.
These are the solid conditioners. The one
that we sampled was called "Daddy O" and
was actually created by the CEO of Lush.
The flagship Lush store is down in London on Oxford Street, and they have many products that are exclusive to the flagship store. We were lucky enough to get to see some of the them and watch them in action. The one that we got to sample was the "Cyanide Pill" bath bomb, which fizzed around the bowl with tonnes of silver glitter. Some of the other exclusive products were a variety of bath bombs, a shower jelly and two fragrances, one of which had the same scent as the popular "Snow Fairy" range. 

The part of the night that I was most excited about was making our own face masks. Our group made one called "Catastrophe Cosmetic" and was packed full of blueberries, calamine and chamomile, which help to soothe and repair the skin. Lush use only fresh and pure ingredients, and never test on animals. They also make sure that all of their suppliers are also cruelty free and do not test on animals. The other group made a mask called "Cupcake." which contains rhassoul mud and cocoa powder to cleanse the skin and draw out any dirt that may cause impurities. When I got home, I got Jordan to try out one of the face masks with me. Jordan tried the "Catastrophe Cosmetic" mask, and I'm pleased to say that he was really impressed with how his skin felt afterwards. I was also really impressed with the "Cupcake" mask, and I'm looking forward to using it again and seeing the affects it has over time.

Crushing up the blueberries ready to add
to the mixture.
Mixing the ingredients together before the mixture
was added to the pots.

To finish the evening, we were taught a little bit about Lush's cosmetics and the thought process behind them. The range is called "Emotial Brilliance," and each of the products is named after a feeling or emotion, which is supposed to represent the mood you are in on that particular day. To test this out, we did an "Emotial Brilliance" reading to find what our colours were. Mine were calm, passionate and fantasy. I thought this was a really cool concept, and I was pretty impressed with the colours that I picked and the thought behind them.

 As we left, we were kindly given a goodie bag tied up in one of their knot bags. These were beautiful pieces of fabric that were used to tie up all of our goodies, but can also be reused and worn as scarves. The pattern on mine was beautiful, so I'll definitely be re-using it.

We were kindly given a small pot of each of the face masks we made on the night, a pot of the Angels on Bare Skin facial cleanser, a bar of the Daddy-O solid conditioner, a block of their new Sea Salted Caramel hand soap and my personal favourite, the Creamy Candy bubble bar.

I had such a fun evening at the Lush Livingston store, and it was really clear to me just how much the staff at Lush truly love the company that they work for. This made the whole evening feel a lot more sincere, and it's obvious how much Lush genuinely care for the planet and it's future. I'd like to thank the staff at Lush Livingston for such a great evening, and I'll definitely be back soon to purchase the long list of products now on my want-list.


  1. Looks amazing, so jel Jade xox

    1. It was so much fun! We'll have to meet up again soon xx

  2. Hope you had a fab time! It was lovely meeting you! Still need to edit all of my photos from Friday night I took far too many! Great post :) xox
    Jenny /

    1. It was lovely meeting you too! It was a lovely evening. Oh I was the same, I'll look forward to reading your post too :) xx