Kylie Lip Kits - Are They Worth The Hype?

I know I'm awfully late to the party with this, but last week, I finally got my hands on a couple of Kylie Lip Kits. I'd been skeptical as to whether to buy one of the kits or not, especially when taking into account the price of shipping. I'd been reading lots of reviews about them, and the opinions were pretty mixed. A lot of beauty bloggers had said that they weren't worth the slightly heavy price tag, but then everyone I know seems to really like them. But after my friend let me try one of hers, I was so impressed that I knew I wanted to buy one. As you probably all know, shipping to the UK is awfully expensive, so I thought that since I was paying for shipping, I might as well buy a second one at the same time. So I added Candy K and Mary Jo K to my basket, and eagerly waited for them to arrive.

My lip kits only took about 13 days to arrive, which I thought was really good considering they're coming from the US. I did, however, get hit with a £15 customs charge. I wasn't too bothered about that though as the man at the post office explained that the charge was purely just the tax and handling fee. 

I was really impressed with the way that the lip kits were packaged. However, I was awfully disappointed that I didn't get one of the cute little cards with a message from Kylie herself. As I'm sure everyone knows by now, the lip kits include a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The lipsticks have a scent almost like strawberries and cream, which I really love about the product. Candy K is a dusky, almost darker pink colour, which is perfect for work or everyday wear. Mary Jo K is a true red, so I think it'll look gorgeous on a night out or if I'm wanting to dress up my make up a little bit.

That evening we had friends round for dinner, so I thought I'd put Mary Jo K to the test and see what it's staying power was like. It's a true red colour, so I had to be really careful when applying it not to end up looking like a clown with it all over my face. Now, I wasn't too impressed with this one as it kept sliding around whilst I was eating, so I was really conscious about it and had to keep wiping it away. This was a bit of a disappointment as I had such high hopes for them.

But the next day, I tried out Candy K and I honestly don't have a bad word to say about it! The colour is absolutely stunning, and could definitely be dressed up or down. The staying power of this one is also fantastic. I applied it before work one morning, and at the end of my shift almost 8 hours later, it was only just starting to fade. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have many lipsticks that last long without going patchy or fading. Candy K definitely restored my faith in the Kylie Cosmetics range.

So, I'd definitely recommend giving them a try if you've been thinking about getting one. I think the colours are probably just a bit hit or miss, so maybe read some reviews before settling on one. For example, almost everyone I know/lots of bloggers have had bad experiences with Kourt K going patchy, so I think I'll probably avoid that one. But overall, I'd defintely recommend the Kylie Lip Kits, and I think I'd definitely like to try a few more colours from her range.


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