A Week In Pictures - Gran Canaria

At the start of June, my boyfriend and I went our first holiday together to Gran Canaria. We had the nicest week together and I was so sad when it was time to come home. We had the best time doing everything from just relaxing by the pool, to going on a dolphin boat tour and wandering around markets. Instead of talking in depth about our holiday, I thought I would just upload some of my favourite photographs instead.

These photos are from one of my favourite nights of our holiday. We went to a little restaurant on the beach right in front of the sea, giving us a perfect view of the sunset. The meal was delicious and the staff were also really nice, giving us a free drink before we left. Overall the evening just felt really relaxed and romantic.

On one of our first days of the holiday, we went to the beach for a day and hired a pedalo boat with a slide. I really enjoyed doing this as it gave us a good view of the part of the island we were at and was just good fun.

  One of my favourite days of our holiday was the day we went on a dolphin boat tour. I wasn't filled with much hope that we would see very many, but we actually saw loads and they were all jumping out of the water around our boat. It was amazing to see them up so close and to see so many of them.

I had the best few days away with my boyfriend, and I'm already looking forward to the next time we can go away together. I feel so lucky to have someone so amazing to share my life with, and I just know that this is only the first of many amazing memories that we'll share together.


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